I've been an avid organic gardener for over 20 years, ever since my uncle in Iowa gave me a box filled with ten years' worth of "Organic Gardening & Farming" magazines when I first got out of the Navy. The Watson Family Victory Garden has gone through several distinct iterations over the years, all tempered by the nagging idea that ---inside a greenhouse--- we could someday garden ALL YEAR ROUND. My recent job change gave me the time and the bamboo on our hill property supplied the free materials, so we decided to build a 22 foot bamboo geodesic dome greenhouse --- aka "SLACK DOME". On paper, it is one thing, the completed structure yet another. The first few Stages were deceptively easy. As we got to Stage 5 ---a 3/8 sphere--- we began to grok just how big this thing was going to be. We estimate that our dome will sequester approximately 19 tons of carbon ---table scraps and other organic matter from the compost pile--- that would otherwise end up in the atmosphere or in some landfill (if you fret about such things). Being a totally enclosed growing space, it will protect us from the elements and the mosquitoes while we garden, too. (We are only 100 feet or so removed from the shores of Lake Lewisville.) Our family tradition Victory Garden has come full circle (uh, sphere...). Jennifer and I raised our two fine, healthy sons on fresh, organically-grown vegetable produce out of our annual home Victory Gardens and we have all enjoyed the time spent togeher working as a family in various Victory Gardens over the past years.