Though this is not her original appearance, Krya does have a humanoid look. In that state her body temperature is still above a normal 98.6. She doesn't know how she gained the ability to convert her body to a walking pillar of blue magma and she used to regret it. She is also a little sensitive and has always been called a Late Bloomer. As a child she was highly tolerable to heat and pain resistant, she could rest her arm on a stove-top for hours and would not feel a thing unless you told her. She first discovered this ability when she was around fourteen years old. In middle school she was a minor arsonist, always taking a lighter to school and setting paper towel dispensers alight and running away. One time one of her fires got out of control, and she had been barricaded in one of her classrooms, she huddled in the corner crying. A ceiling tile above her fell on her and knocked her unconscious, it didn't take long for the flames to rise over her. Instead of suffering death, something strange happened, her body had blended her D.N.A structure with the flames, they all turned blue as if trying to mix with the water in her body but were still hot, when she made her way out of the school, she was shunned from everyone she used to communicate with. She broke down on the scene and her emotions set off a mild supernova, decimating all within range, all her friends had been fried down to their now blackened bones. Presently, she is 16, and can control her powers with more ease. She can even switch in and out of that form and control her bodily temperature so the flames couldn't burn anyone or anything. She seems to have forgotten about what she has done, or stopped caring. In her Pillar of Fire(火柱)form, she travels around while being virtually untouchable, all that attempt only to be disintegrated by the intense heat, leaving trails of flame behind her. Deep down she can be a sweet heart.