This is Lyris. She is an orphaned, young princess who is watched over by several mannequins and spirits. The mannequins used to be people who either have passed away in the dungeon or have tried to rob her. The phantoms are nobles who had lived in the kingdom before her time. The ones she favors will be given names and some humanoid features returned to them. She is often sad because regardless of her "company" she is still lonely. One day, a few people had broken into her kingdom at night and kidnapped her, they dragged her to the dungeon and began taking turns brutally violating her, they then strung her up in her own dungeon and left her to rot. Not long after, the mannequins and spirits had hunted the people down and saw that they met a gruesome demise, her friend Rain had then entered the kingdom, found her, cleaned her up and comforted her. --- She wears a veil over her mouth because one person that broke into her kingdom had carved a Glasgow Smile into her face, leaving her with the terrible scars before being turned into a mannequin and left locked in his own cell for eternity. Her personality is easy to understand. She is softly spoken and polite, she is very shy and a bit naive. She often sneaks out of the kingdom to explore other places with her friend Rain, but the mannequins do not like it. The phantoms often argue with the mannequins that she should get out more and make more friends instead of being kept away so much. Some of her newest friends describe her as "Moe."