Chuuseki Uxintasuji is an Inukami, or "Dog God." Long ago, she used to ravage whole societies for the fun of it, whether bringing on natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or tsunamis. One day she was captured and taken to a shrine by a young wielder of the arcane. He trapped her within the shrine and kept her locked there for many many years, she was told she was now the guard dog of a great treasure. One day, she broke loose and brought malice to all the inhabitants of the shrine, she tore the entire structure beneath the earth and then went out in search of this "Great treasure." She stumbled upon a tome in the room she was kept in and at first scoffed at what value it may have been. The moment she had touched it, the tome had drained away Chuuseki's powers and left her a near-emotionless, obedient dog. The same man that had captured her approached her and picked up the tome in his hands, he spoke the words "From this point on, you will be the maiden of this shrine, you will rebuild it and guard the black book Saphir." And that has been her purpose to this day.