A young diclonius who was given away as an infant by her mother and father. It took several hours of struggle for her mother to birth Ribbons and she did suffer internal bleeding from her horns, but when she had come out her mother and father both thought she would be ... "different" than raising any other child. So they gave her away to the hospital, refusing to take care of her. Soon, people came for Ribbons and raised her in an incubator, as she grew older she grew more oblivious to the fact that she was born and not created. By the time she was five years old she had a vision that made her hallucinate, this was also when her vectors first revealed themselves. She soon escaped the facility she was kept in and made a quick escape. Her hallucinations brought her to the home of her mother and father, her vectors dragging her closer and closer to the house as she knocked on the door. When her father opened the door she of course didn't recognize him and vice versa. Her father let her in out of concern as to where her parents were, she sat down on the couch as her mother walked in the room, holding a tray of glasses, once laying her eyes on Ribbons, she gasped and dropped the tray. Just then, a little boy walked into the room and spoke "Mama? Papa? What's wrong? Who's that?" The mother spoke... "That's your sister." The father looked at them both and then looked back at Ribbons, whose eyes were wide and swelling with tears, a little voice in her head screaming at her in a distorted voice about how her parents had replaced her. A sudden rage over-came Ribbons. She let out a pained wail and within a flash, she felt something warm and thick spray against her body, she opened her eyes and looked at the mangled bodies of her parents and the child they adopted. She ran out of the house and returned to the facility she was kept at with a wide smile. she was stripped of her clothing and chained against a wall, hosed down, then forced to undergo more experiments to train her newly developed vectors.