What if I told you I could fly like an eagle into the sunset. What if I told you I had the strength of 100 body builders in there prime. What if I told you I had the speed of a 757 taking off for flight. What if I told you I wanted to be your Superman? Would you let me? Would you let me protect you from all hurt, harm, and danger? Would you let me carry you on my back to cloud 9, so we could conversate with the moon and the stars? Would you let me grab you by the hand so we can speed through lifes problems? Then you ask me what are you going to do when you are faced with that terrible rock known as Kryptonite? I look deep into your eyes and smile. For you have not realized that when I am faced with that terrible rock of kryptonite I have nothing to fear, for the love I have for you is so strong. Its so strong everytime I take off into the clouds I look at the stars and think of you. Its so strong that the temptations of the world aren't tempting anymore. Its so strong that it has did something that I thought was impossible and that is mend my broken heart. For when I am with you I realize that I have found my Superwoman.